We’re for lawyers who want to work remotely, but not alone

Our mission is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of lawyers through human connection and mindful productivity.

Welcome to Counsel Collective

We’re a new way to think about your relationship with work.

We offer a fun and supportive community of like-minded lawyers working remotely, who come together to work alongside each other.

At the heart of Counsel Collective, you’ll find programming and resources based around mindful productivity, human connection, spontaneous interaction, education, inspiration, accountability, support, and laughs.

Everyone needs a community. Join ours and ditch loneliness, anxiety, and the lack of focus and productivity that comes from working from home.

Together we’ll work better, share knowledge, learn to be better lawyers, and find encouragement and camaraderie.


Being mindfully productive is a matter being present and intentionally aware of what is happening inside and around us and bringing self-compassion as we move navigate our day. In doing so, we will be more productive, more creative, and overall will enjoy work better.

Working from home has its advantages, but it comes with the unhealthy cost of isolation. Plus, you can’t walk down the hall to knock on someone’s door and bounce ideas or brainstorm with them. Connection is essential to success.

By creating opportunities to connect online, both planned and spontaneous, we foster a supportive environment for lawyers to thrive together.

I’m lawyer and legal designer. I run a legal boutique, Legal Adjacency.

I spent over a decade working in BigLaw with a commercial practice until I became burnt out and needed to take a health leave. 

While I was on leave, I found the days where I would meet up with friends for lunch, coffee, or go to a movie, made my days better. I also enjoyed spending time in coffee shops, libraries, or office buildings with coffee shops largely because I’d likely run into people I knew. That burst of spontaneous social interaction was energizing.

The pandemic had me working from home. While I enjoy working from home,  sometimes it can be challenging to focus on my work. I also struggle with the isolation and loneliness from a lack social interaction and feeling of being part of a community.

Knowing I am not alone in these feelings, I felt compelled to do something about it. And Counsel Collective was born.

We’re still picking a name for this plant friend. We’re open to suggestions! Send yours to hello@counselcollective.co.