Group Chat Channel Guide

Counsel Collective member’s only portal has a wide variety of private community chat channels. Here are our most popular ones.


Read something good recently? Talk books here.


The channel for big law lawyers to talk about big law things.


The channel for discussing the business of law.


Our channel for non-work-related gabbing. Anything goes - just as long as it’s cool under the Code of Conduct 😉


Our channel for food-based discussions. Got a great recipe to share? Interested in exotic produce?


You’re a new lawyer or been practicing only for a few years. Find your tribe here.


The spot for in-house lawyers to talk among themselves.


Let your right brain run wild in this user-centric channel.


The channel for conversations for all things on legal research.


Everybody’s talking about legal tech, so talk about it here. This is the channel for anything and everything about technology and the practice of law.


The name says it all.


Dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, fish, reptiles, and other animal kingdom friends.


Let’s support each other’s social media efforts. Paste the link to your LinkedIn posts, Tweets, IG posts and stories and more here. Share the love by clicking on, liking, hearting, and commenting on posts of others. Together we can work the algorithms to boost visibility.


The channel for all things solo or freelance.


The spot for those working in small firms.


The channel for discussions relevant to women in the law.

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