Deep Work Sprint FAQ

What are Deep Work Sprints?

Facilitated coworking sessions to keep you focused and accountable while working on one important task. Designed to ignite intentionality, accountability, and productivity, Deep Work Sprints blend mindfulness, music, soundscapes, and eliminating distractions to help you work in a deep flow state. All this will bring out your best while you work independently, but not alone.

What happens in a Deep Work Sprint?

Our facilitator will welcome you help you get your space setup for a distraction-free work experience. Once everyone is settled, the group will share goals and what they’re working on.

Then the deep work time starts. We begin with a brief guided meditation to help bring you into focus and set a work intention. Then your work magic happens. We play music and soundscapes during working time. These are carefully selected songs and sounds backed by research to help get to work productively and get to a flow state. There’s no need to watch the clock. Our facilitator has you covered and will let you know when we are a minute or two before the start time.

Can I arrive late?

Unfortunately, not. Each session “closes” 10 minutes after start time. This avoids distractions for those already working. As well, we find there’s something valuable about starting together.

What Can I Work On?

Really, anything requiring your time and focus. Something that you want to focus on or get creative or clever with. 

We recommend bringing one project to work. Deep Work happens when we work on one thing and don’t switch-task or multitask. Consider working on a project or a task you have been putting off.

The project should be important but not urgent; or at least not panic-level urgent. If you have a big project in mind, don’t bring the entire project. Instead, bring one part or a smaller piece of it.

How Do I Prepare?

Besides being ready with what you want to work on, there are a few things you can do to prepare your workspace for getting the most out of the deep work sprint:

  • Work at a desk or table.
  • Work in a room where you are least likely to be disturbed.
  • Remove clutter from your desk or table.
  • Have a pen and notepad handy for writing down ideas.
  • Disable notifications from email, social media, chat, and other software.
  • Bring along your headphones.
  • Have some water or tea with you.
  • Come with an open mind.

There will be time at the beginning of each session to get your space set up.