Frequently Asked Questions

Counsel Collective is a virtual coworking community for lawyers working from home (or anywhere they like). We help lawyers thrive while working from home through mindful productivity, community, and human connection.  

Virtual coworking is a way of working from home while alongside awesome people you. It’s a shared experience that creates space and opportunity for connection and collaboration.

You can learn more about virtual coworking here.

Counsel Collective is for lawyers from any practice area or background or those lawyers working in law adjacent careers. You need not be practicing law to be a Counsel Collective member.

No, not at registration. However, we may ask you later to provide us with proof you are a lawyer in order to remain a member

Through our virtual coworking space, programming, and community, you can experience:

  • live personal connection with peers from around the world
  • spontaneous conversations
  • less distraction
  • a sense of accountability for your work and time
  • feeling fulfilled with your work
  • more time for deep work, personal growth, and life
  • greater focus
  • boosted intentionality and awareness of your work
  • clearer separation between work and rest
  • lower stress and anxiety
  • more creativity

There’s no fixed amount of time you need to dedicate or commit to getting involved.

Counsel Collective aims to support you while working independently, it is not intended as a distraction nor to replace your worktime. It’s not a matter of “billable vs. non-billable” time. It is how you want to prioritize and spend your time.

 Counsel Collective will save you time because you’ll be more productive during coworking and know immediately where to turn for support (instead of trying to figure everything out yourself).

Each member uses Counsel Collective differently. You choose what you like and ignore the rest. It depends on your needs and what your schedule allows that week/month.

Counsel Collective is a new way to think about your relationship with work. Counsel Collective adds layers of inspiration, community, accountability, routine, productivity, and positivity. Working alongside other committed, supportive lawyers inspires you to bring your best.

If you want to expand your community, find your focus, and open yourself up to new opportunities, we’ve got you.

Our virtual coworking sessions will keep you accountable and give you the dedicated time to do your work. You’ll also benefit from our check-ins, coffee, and tea breaks, mindfulness sessions, workshops, and other programming.

When you need an answer, want to brainstorm, or face challenges, you’ll be part of a community of like-minded wonderful people there to offer recommendations, fresh perspectives, and positive cheer.

Our members come from all over the world and work in all flavours of practice areas. We have in-house counsel, associates, and partners at law firms, solo practitioners, freelance lawyers, and government lawyers.

Yes, Counsel Collective’s content and programming is English. But members can speak and post content in other languages.

Our workshops and other professional development or legal education sessions are usually not accredited. This is something we’d like to do in the future.

It’s free. Yes, really! The full Counsel Collective membership experience is free through the end of 2022. We’ll see whether that continues in 2023. However, we will always have a free membership tier.

Our mission is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of lawyers through human connection and mindful productivity. We don’t want cost to be a barrier to that.

No, never! There no adds on the Counsel Collective platform and we’ll never send you sponsored emails advertising someone else’s products or services.


What you will find on the Counsel Collective portal are resources or discount offers from selected companies or service providers. They don’t pay to be on the portal, and we don’t get paid or receive any commission or affiliate payment if you sign up for their service. Those resources and discounts are part of being perks for being members.


We approach those we have relationships with and ask them to provide us with content, tools, or other resources that can help lawyers be better lawyers. We try to get discounts or other promotions for Counsel Collective members. Again, we receive no compensation for that. Our benefit is getting something to help our members.

If there’s anything you’d like to know, please reach out to us at