Work better,

If you’re looking to say goodbye to the loneliness and isolation that comes from working from home and are ready to boost productivity, achieve your goals, and surround yourself with a supportive community of amazing people – you’re in the right place.

Reinvigorate your work-from-home routine with Counsel Collective, the online coworking space for lawyers.

Best of all, join for free!

Counsel Collective, where lawyers work independently, but not alone.

Stay Productive and Feel Connected from Wherever You Are

💙 Inspiration, motivation, and productivity to boost your remote work.

💙 Discourage distraction. Achieve deep focus.

💙 Accountability and intention to help you stick to your tasks and goals.

💙 An online space for spontaneous interaction.

💙 A community for advice, encouragement, and connection.

💙 Honest conversations, real friendships.

The Landscape for Lawyers Has Changed Over the Past Few Years

You’re a driven, hard-working professional who is great at what you do. You put in the hours for your clients, and you’re committed to helping them overcome their challenges – no matter what it takes.

But over the past few years, things have shifted with your day-to-day work. As the world has changed, it has forced us all out of routine, and helped us see our work and family life from a new vantage point. It may have even made you question whether this career is right for you, or if a healthy, balanced lifestyle is more important?

You’ve probably gone from working 10–12-hour days in a stuffy office… to finally having time to spend with your family and be present in their day-to-day lives! You can skip the commute, choose your own hours, and experience a new type of freedom…

Did we mention membership is free?

But... Working From Home Doesn’t Come Without Its Challenges

Have you faced any of these struggles over the past couple of years?

  • Does the lack of structure in your day leave you feeling unproductive? But you’re feeling unmotivated to build a strong routine…
  • Do you crave a sense of community around you while you work? And you miss connecting with colleagues in the office…
  • Do you want to collaborate with peers and ask for advice and insight? But you don’t know who to turn to remotely…
  • Does the line between home-time and work-time feel blurry? And you struggle to switch off at night…
  • Do you feel stressed and overworked without a support system around you? And you’re desperate for better balance and time to prioritize yourself…
  • Have you read all the habit-forming books, tried virtual networking events, and scheduled in deep-work? But you struggle to follow through and get lasting results…


If you answered “YES” to the above, you’re not alone. But what if there were a way to enjoy the benefits and freedom of remote work… without losing the structure, habits, and community you used to enjoy most?

Remote Work Doesn’t Have to Feel… Remote.

Master Your Productive Time

Silence the distractions and focus on what needs to be done.

Stay Accountable to Your Goals

Leverage deep-work and cowork best practices and work alongside your peers.

Enjoy Community

Be a part of a supportive group of like-minded lawyers to ask  questions and share advice with one another. 

Build relationships that last.

Make the Minutes Matter

Flexible when you want it, structured when you need it.

Innovate Your Practice

Learn how to innovate and optimize your best working practices.

Enhance Your Professional Development

Learn from your peers and lectures from impressive guest speakers.

If you want to achieve professional and personal growth on your own time… you’ve found the perfect place.

Say Hello to the Online Coworking Experience that Empowers You to Reach New Levels of Success, Together with Your Legal Community.

Counsel Collective is your solution to the everyday tedium of remote work. Immerse yourself in the ultimate virtual coworking experience, “mind gym”, and professional social network – all rolled into one. Connect, learn, and grow among like-minded peers from the comfort of your home office.

As a member of Counsel Collective, your days will be filled with new and exciting ways to keep you stimulated, keep you engaged with a community, and keep you focused on your success.

Online Coworking Space

This is where all our live  programming and social interaction takes place. 

This is the really cool part of Counsel Collective. We use a dynamic platform that ensures that our online interactions can still be as psychologically and emotionally rewarding as they are in person.

This digital environment is designed to spark spontaneous or casual conversations. It is the antidote to Zoom fatigue.

Whether you’re attending a scheduled event or popping in during coworking hours, our online coworking space offers you endless possibilities to be with others. 

Here are just some of things you can do in our virtual coworking space:

👍 Enjoy our live programming, such as coworking hours, deep work sprints, feedback sessions to get valuable advice on new projects and ideas from fellow members, mindfulness and stretching breaks, hangouts, live entertainment, and so much more!

👍 Enjoy moving and wandering through this digital environment and “walk up” to join in conversations.

👍 Connect with your peers in immersive virtual rooms where you can move around, talk with those in your proximity, listen to music, play games, collaborate on virtual white boards and more

👍 Delight in having the kinds conversations you might have around the “water cooler” or bumping into someone in the hallway.

👍 Pop in the space whenever you like to see who is around.

Programming & Events

As a Counsel Collective member, you have access to an abundance of programming and events.

 ✨ Deep work sprints and coworking session scheduled at multiple times throughout the week.

✨ Daily guided mindfulness and stretching sessions scheduled throughout the day.

✨ Daily virtual coffee breaks.

✨ CLE/CPD sessions.

✨ Productivity, wellness, and other expert talks.

✨ Weekly group sessions to get valuable advice and feedback on new projects and ideas from fellow members.

✨ Live entertainment.

✨ And so much more!

The Community Hub

The Community Hub is our own members only professional social network and is where all the content in your membership lives!

It is the place for:

💡 Engaging discussion forums and groups full of interesting, resourceful, and inspiring conversations for you to pop in and out of at throughout the day.

💡 Messaging and chatting to a group of like-minded lawyers from around the world and in different practice areas.

💡 A member directory so you can get to know your fellow Counsel Collective members and make new contacts.

💡 Accessing archive of recorded sessions on professional and personal development.

💡Enjoying exclusive digital content and resources, like playlists, reading lists, remote work advice, and tips.

💡 Benefiting from exclusive perks and discounts for a range of useful tools and services specifically curated for today’s lawyer.

Make the Most out of Your Workday with Counsel Collective

Here’s What You’ll Have Access to Inside the Counsel Collective Membership…

✨ Live Deep Work Sprints 

Ingrain the science of deep work into your routine for optimal performance, including intention setting, notification cancellation, proctored rest time, and more. Never feel like you’re wasting a moment again!

✨ Virtual Networking and Inclusion Events

From scheduled coffee and mindfulness breaks, live group work/Mastermind sessions to virtual collaboration time with like-minded colleagues, there’s a myriad of ways to socialize and build your community from home.

✨ Active Group Engagement 

Studies show you are 95% more likely to follow through on a goal that’s declared to an accountability partner.* That’s how Counsel Collective’s virtual group dynamic keeps you focused on the important tasks.

✨ Professional and Personal Development

Take advantage of our live or recorded professional  and personal development sessions, offered by experienced guest speakers to keep your mind sharp while satisfying any continued learning requirements.

✨ Peer-to-Peer Forums

Congregate with lawyers to ask questions, get advice, discuss tricks of the trade, and simply get to know others in the legal community. You’ll never feel alone at work with Counsel Collective!

✨ Digital Collections on Latest Trends

Choose from our curated selection of books, reading lists, podcast playlists, and more to help you stay abreast of current events.

The True Value of Counsel Collective Comes from Involving Yourself in a Brilliant Community

Access a supportive group of like-minded legal professionals, all passionate about working with others to reach new levels of productivity and connectivity! Inside this incredibly collaborative space, you can ask questions, share your challenges, and discover new ways to grow daily.

You can also share and get input on breakthrough ideas that have worked for your office and clients, as you tap into inspiration from other lawyers doing the same.

This community is unlike anything that exists for lawyers across the globe, and we can’t wait to welcome you inside…

Here’s Why Lawyers Choose Counsel Collective

Counsel Collective is an inclusive community that values your time — use our services however and whenever you like with zero judgements and absolute privacy. Whether you benefit from our live and on-demand, structured deep working sessions, or you pop in for a guest lecture from an esteemed colleague every now and again, as a member of Counsel Collective, you’ll always be valued as a cherished contributor.

  • NO attendance requirements of any kind.
  • NO minimum level of professional work experience.
  • NO more boredom.

We Understand Your WFH Situation

Remote work can leave anyone feeling isolated, unmotivated, and unproductive. That’s why our mission is to help you feel supported in your daily endeavours.

We Know What Intrigues You

We curate truly valuable content that’s worth your time and effort to attend — content that resonates and reflects the current legal landscape.

We Help Structure Your Time For Optimal Productivity

You can leverage our community to find the perfect balance of work structure and independence.

We Are Lawyers Too

Counsel Collective was founded by lawyers, for lawyers, we’re invested in your continued success.

Counsel Collective Was Created Specifically to Provide You with an Enjoyable Place to Work and Grow.

☑ Do great work from anywhere.

☑ Silence the distractions and achieve deep focus.

☑ Inspiration, motivation, and productivity to boost your remote work.

☑ Accountability and intention to help you to stick to your tasks and goals.

☑ A virtual space for spontaneous interaction.

☑ A community for advice, encouragement, and connection.

☑ Honest conversations and support. Real friendships.

☑ Flexible when you want it, structured when you need it.

Breathe New Life Into Your Daily Routine and Discover the Possibilities that Await.

Go from uncertain and unorganized to beginning each day with confidence that you’ll accomplish your goals. That’s the power of Counsel Collective.

Train your brain and reignite your professional passion.

Like dedicating yourself to a fitness goal, achieving your career goals requires you to invest your time and energy in the right tools and activities that keep you productive, connected, and focused on making a real impact. With Counsel Collective, you’ll have unlimited access to structured mental routines and engaging learning sessions that train your brain and keep you motivated in your professional and personal life.

This Community is for You If…

☑ You want to harness the power of deep work, and you enjoy the accountability and support to help you achieve long-term success.

☑ You enjoy the company and support of like-minded individuals, and you’re looking to join something greater than yourself.

☑ You want to access to engaging content, and you enjoy the flexibility to learn on your own time.

☑ You want to hone your mental prowess and social skills from the comfort of your own home.

☑ You strive to make every minute fulfilling, whether it’s being productive, being social, or just having fun.

☑ You are interested in collaborating with others (and are not just looking to promote your own services).

Counsel Collective is for Anyone Who…

☑ Finds the lack of structure in their day leaves them feeling unproductive.

☑ Struggles with the loneliness or social disconnect that comes from working from home.

☑ Craves a sense of community around them while working.

☑ Finds the line between home-time and work-time feels blurry.

☑ Loves sharing support, knowledge, and advice with others.

☑ Is eager to build new connections with other lawyers working from home.

☑ Wants to have a group of like-minded people to be with to on a daily basis.

Invest in yourself.

Don’t Spend Another Workday Alone…

Give yourself the tools you need to conquer your WFH woes and thrive in your new work environment.

Let’s get you into Counsel Collective.

It’s free!


Counsel Collective is a virtual coworking community for lawyers working from home (or anywhere they like). We help lawyers thrive while working from home through mindful productivity, community, and human connection.  

Virtual coworking is a way of working from home while alongside awesome people you. It’s a shared experience that creates space and opportunity for connection and collaboration. You can learn more about virtual coworking here.

Counsel Collective is for lawyers from any practice area or background or those lawyers working in law adjacent careers. You need not be practicing law to be a Counsel Collective member.

No, not at registration. However, we may ask you later to provide us with proof you are a lawyer in order to remain a member.

Through our virtual coworking space, programming, and community, you can experience:

  • live personal connection with peers from around the world
  • spontaneous conversations
  • less distraction
  • a sense of accountability for your work and time
  • feeling fulfilled with your work
  • more time for deep work, personal growth, and life
  • greater focus
  • boosted intentionality and awareness of your work
  • clearer separation between work and rest
  • lower stress and anxiety
  • more creativity

There’s no fixed amount of time you need to dedicate or commit to getting involved.

Counsel Collective aims to support you while working independently, it is not intended as a distraction nor to replace your worktime. It’s not a matter of “billable vs. non-billable” time. It is how you want to prioritize and spend your time.

 Counsel Collective will save you time because you’ll be more productive during coworking and know immediately where to turn for support (instead of trying to figure everything out yourself).

Each member uses Counsel Collective differently. You choose what you like and ignore the rest. It depends on your needs and what your schedule allows that week/month.

Counsel Collective is a new way to think about your relationship with work. Counsel Collective adds layers of inspiration, community, accountability, routine, productivity, and positivity. Working alongside other committed, supportive lawyers inspires you to bring your best.

If you want to expand your community, find your focus, and open yourself up to new opportunities, we’ve got you.

Our virtual coworking sessions will keep you accountable and give you the dedicated time to do your work. You’ll also benefit from our check-ins, coffee, and tea breaks, mindfulness sessions, workshops, and other programming.

When you need an answer, want to brainstorm, or face challenges, you’ll be part of a community of like-minded wonderful people there to offer recommendations, fresh perspectives, and positive cheer.

Our members come from all over the world and work in all flavours of practice areas. We have in-house counsel, associates, and partners at law firms, solo practitioners, freelance lawyers, and government lawyers.

Our workshops and other professional development or legal education sessions are usually not accredited. This is something we’d like to do in the future.

Yes, Counsel Collective’s content and programming is English. But members can speak and post content in other languages.

Our mission is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of lawyers through human connection and mindful productivity. We don’t want cost to be a barrier to that.

No, never! There are no ads on the Counsel Collective platform, and we’ll never send you sponsored emails advertising someone else’s products or services.

What you will find on the Counsel Collective portal are resources or discount offers from selected companies or service providers. They don’t pay to be on the portal, and we don’t get paid or receive any commission or affiliate payment if you sign up for their service. Those resources and discounts are part of being perks for being members. It’s up to you whether to use or ignore that stuff.

We approach those we have relationships with and ask them to provide us with content, tools, or other resources that can help lawyers be better lawyers. We try to get discounts or other promotions for Counsel Collective members. Again, we receive no compensation for that. Our benefit is getting something to help our members.

If there’s anything you’d like to know, please reach out to us at