Programming & Events

Counsel Collective programs are designed to energize and inspire, while you connect with people who are there for the exact same reasons as you.

Whether you want to do deep productive work, check in with others for a casual ‘hello’, or be fully immersed in a social atmosphere, you get that with Counsel Collective.

In addition to our regular programming (have a look below), we offer workshops, talks by exciting guest-speakers, and other special events.

A Sample of Our Current Programming


Deep Work Sprints

Facilitated coworking sessions to keep you focused and accountable while working on one important task. Designed to ignite intentionality, accountability, and productivity, Deep Work Sprints blend mindfulness, music, soundscapes, and eliminating distractions to help you work in a deep flow state. All this will bring out your best while you work independently, but not alone.

Coworking Sessions 

2x 50 min working sessions with a 10-minute break in between sessions. Compared to Deep Work Sprints, focus sessions turn-down the mindfulness and turn up the community to get you focused and accountable for your work. We check in with each other, work for 50 minutes and then come together to reflect on how we got on with our tasks, bounce ideas, or crowdsource feedback. After a quick break, we then share what we’re working on for the next hour and begin the timer again.



Digital Clean Up

Digital clutter can harm your mental and physical health as much as physical piles and messes in your spaces do. Pushback against the clutter as we take an hour together at the beginning of each month to get our digital spaces (think inboxes, folders, files, icons, apps – oh my!) shipshape.

Mindfulness Breaks

Take a short break and activate your mind, restore your focus and energy, or slow down with a 10-minute guided group mindfulness exercise or meditation.


Coffee Breaks

Grab a coffee, water, or other favourite drink and pop into The Assembly in Collective House (aka the coworking space) to hang out with other members.

Fri-yay Tea

Be a part of our Friday ritual of coming together to talk about how our respective week went. Come with a warm cup of tea or other elixir and get cozy with your fellow members.