Virtual Coworking

Group Coworking Session

Working at home (or anywhere) doesn’t have to mean working alone. 

Virtual coworking is a way of working from home while alongside awesome people like you. It’s a shared experience that creates space and opportunity for connection and collaboration.

Virtual coworking gives you that burst of energy, extra motivation, and accountability that is missing from working from home.

It’s truly the perfect balance of working remotely and experiencing human connection.

Our coworking sessions are live, facilitated experiences to keep you focused, energized, and accountable 

International business team connecting online together and teleworking: work outsourcing and telecommuting concept

We offer two types of coworking sessions

1. Deep Work Sprints

Deep Work Sprints are designed to ignite intentionality, accountability, and productivity. These coworking sessions blend mindfulness, music, soundscapes, and eliminating distractions to help you work in a deep flow state of productivity.

2. Verve Sessions

Compared to Deep Work Sprints, Verve Coworking sessions turn-down the mindfulness and turn up the community to focus you and accountable for your work.

These are coworking blocks of two 50 min working sessions with a 10-minute break in-between.

Work alongside awesome people while concentrating on what’s important you and your work today

Virtual Coworking FAQ

All coworking sessions take place in our virtual coworking space. No Zoom, no Teams, no Meet, and none of the fatigue, cringe or ‘meh’ that comes with spending more time with those apps.

Our facilitator will welcome you help you get your space setup for a distraction-free work experience. Once everyone is settled, the group will share goals and what they’re working on. Then the deep work time starts.

We begin with a brief guided meditation to help bring you into focus and set a work intention. Then your work magic happens. We play music and soundscapes during working time. These are carefully selected songs and sounds backed by research to help get to work productively and get to a flow state. There’s no need to watch the clock. Our facilitator has you covered and will let you know when we are a minute or two before start time.

Our facilitator leads a group check in and then we work for 50 minutes. At the end of time, we come together to reflect on how we got on with our tasks, bounce ideas, or crowdsource feedback.

After a quick break, we then share what we’re working on for the next hour and begin the timer again.

All you need is a computer with a camera and microphone, and an internet connection. Our virtual coworking platform is best used on a computer and not smartphone or tablet. 

We run coworking session daily during the week. You can drop into sessions as your schedule allows. 

Anything requiring your time and focus. We’ve seen people use the time for reviewing contracts, writing pleadings, planning their year, to developing social media content.

Regardless of what you work on, it’s best to come into a session (whether it’s a Deep Work Sprint or a Verve Session) with a plan for your time.

Besides being ready with what you want to work on, there are a few things you can do to prepare your workspace for getting the most out a coworking sesion:

  • Work at a desk or table.
  • Work in a room where you are least likely to be disturbed.
  • Disable notifications from email, social media, chat, and other software.
  • Bring along your headphones.
  • Have some water or tea with you.
  • Come with an open mind.

Many of our members build a routine around one or two coworking sessions a week to protect time in their calendar for specific work.

Each member uses Counsel Collective  differently. You choose what you like and ignore the rest. It depends on you and what you need and what your schedule allows that week/month.

By having virtual coworking take place in our video-enabled virtual coworking space, you can be with your tribe while away from the constant bombardment of notifications, messages, chatter, and other distractions from work and social media software. When you turn those apps off, you work with greater focus, fewer distractions, and less stress and anxiety.